Employees’ Training on Safety


Accidents in the workplace can cause loss of life or injury, economic losses, and civil or criminal action.  Although some accidents are bound to happen, most can be avoided.  It is always wise to prevent accidents with the help of an effective safety program.

With which, a Safety Training for employees & its sub-con was conducted by Engr. Rodolfo Abad, RME at the Sun Valley grounds last April 17, 2012 covering the following modules:

1. Construction Safety Awareness Training – includes 5S and Good  Housekeeping
2. Fall Prevention Training – includes ladders, scaffolds, use of PPE’s, etc.

At the end of the safety training, the participants were able to identify the importance of accident prevention in the construction sites.

Also, have learned to implement a sustainable good housekeeping known as 5S and technically know the methodologies in using stairs, ladders, platforms, scaffolds, guardrails and lifting equipment to primarily prevent fall accidents.