Cable Telephone Network Services

MG Exeo has an impressive performance record in Cable Telephone Network Implementation. Outside Plant (OSP) works has been the core business of MG Exeo since its inception in 1991. The following are our specialties:

  • Network Design and Engineering Works
  • Aerial and Underground Cable Installation Works
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling Works (HDD)
  • Fiber blowing of FOC (with partner)
  • Splicing and Testing of Copper & Fiber Optic Cable (FOC)
  • Construction of Manhole and Conduit Systems
  • Right of Way (ROW) for OSP Works
  • Maintenance Works
  • Other services related to OSP telecommunication works

With the rising demand of modern technology where OSP plays an important role, MG Exeo is prepared and determined to support companies in the expansion of their existing network facilities.