Switching, Power and Transmission Services

MG EXEO’s extensive list of completed projects, both for legacy POTS (Plain Old Telephone Systems) and Wireless Technologies (ie GSM, 3G, UMTS, EDGE, HSPA,) is a testament to our leadership in the industry locally and the greater Asia Pacific region. We are the go-to company for the installation, test and commissioning of various telecom equipment supplied by the following leading Vendors in the industry:  NEC, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Nokia-Siemens, Huawei and ZTE.

In addition, services also include the following:

  • Hardware Planning and Engineering includes data routing preparation ( for POTS )
  • AC and DC Power plant installation, test and commissioning
  • Managed O&M services ( both for POTS and Wireless technologies )
  • LAN structured cabling and testing
  • Submarine Optical Fiber Line Terminal Equipment ( SLTE ) installation and commissioning
  • Terrestrial backhaul multiplex ( i.e. DWDM and SDH ) equipment installation and commissioning

A unique collaboration that powers MG EXEO—our experienced workforce leveraged by Kyowa Exeo’s technical support—ensures completed projects at an unparalleled optimal quality.

Trained overseas, our team of Engineers and Technical Staff are well equipped with the skills and right tools, test instruments, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) vital and specific to their tasks.