Occupational Health & Safety Policy Statement

MG Exeo Network, Inc. Inc shall exert the best effort to maintain and control the workplace in a comfortable and healthy condition for the purpose of promoting and maintaining the health, safety and welfare of our employees, subcontractors, clients and visitors.

MG Exeo Network, Inc. shall identify all hazards and risks in the workplace prior to commencement of works and throughout the completion of works.  Appropriate and effective safe control measures shall be fully implemented to eliminate property damage, injuries, illnesses, human sufferings and even  loss of life.

In all our daily undertakings, we will strive to provide a safe workplace without risk to health in compliance with relevant Occupational Health and Safety legislations.  We will aim to continually improve and achieve high Occupational Health and Safety performance through creative consultation, constant communication, proper coordination and deep cooperation among our employees, subcontractors and clients.

In harmony, we will be working together towards a Zero-accident environment.