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Linking all Communications.

Moving  beyond while exploring new opportunities in a fast-changing  competitive landscape with these high-value added Engineering Solutions  and System Solutions:


Telecommunication Infrastructure


As broadband services are expanding toward the building of a safe and secure ICT society, the diversification and sophistication of various technologies are under way. We provide consistent quality services from planning and design to construction, operation and maintenance for all types of communications equipment and facilities throughout the country based on performance  over the years and excellent technologies.



Engaged and support government "Build, Build, Build" infrastructure development program that aims to spur and sustain economic growth at exactly three years after the Duterte administration unveiled the ambitious pipeline, touting to usher the country's "Golden Age of Infrastructure“ through Japan Official Development Assistance ODA projects, including the  installation of telecommunications (except for telecommunications carrier-related), electrical and air-conditioning facilities and urban civil engineering  works.



Drawing on our ICT technologies, we are offering total  solutions in both the network integration (NI) field,  which provides the establishment, operation and maintenance of telecommunication network systems for  corporations from establishing LAN/WANs to cloud  services, and the system integration (SI) field, which is  establishing systems for corporations such as telecommunications carriers, financial institutions and  manufacturers.



Telecommunication Infrastructure
Urban Infrastructure

Shaping Digital Societies

Digital technology is evolving rapidly, leading to the emergence of new services and  applications that are transforming the digital societies of the future. We leverage our diverse range of technologies and business track record to provide leading-edge technological and construction solutions, products, and services to our clients.


Network / Server (including Fiber-optic line, Data Center)
Video Camera / Display Solutions
I o T (Internet of Things) / Sensing



Telecommunications Infrastructure:

Broadband Access Networks Engineering

Fiber optic / coaxial cables installation service for fixed telecommunication network facilities

  • Access Networks fiber optic cabling installation service

  • CATV cabling installation service

  • Railroad Communication Network cabling installation service

IP Core / Edge Networks, Next Generation Networks Engineering

Installation and implementation services of IP Core / Edge Network cabling and devices such as servers, routers, switches, hubs, bridges or gateways

  • IP Core / Edge Network cabling and devices installation / implementation engineering services

  • NGN ( Next Generation Networks ) installation and implementation service

Mobile Communications Networks Engineering

Mobile Communication Network facilities related engineering services

  • Construction of outdoor Mobile Communication Base Station

  • Construction of indoor Mobile Communication Base Station

  • Wireless assessment service

  • Mobile solutions :

                -Trailing type portable-backup-electric-power-supply

                -Satellite mobile-phone system

                -Wireless monitoring camera and remote surveillance system

Telecommunication underground civil engineering in the urban realm

Urban Infrastructure:

Civil Engineering

Telecommunication underground civil engineering in the urban realm

  • Telecom civil engineering

  • Installation, replacement or renewal of underground utilities with Trenchless Techniques

  • Reinforcement of underground facilities with W-RCS ( W-Round arch CFRP Strip and Resin Concrete Segment ) construction method

  • Civil engineering system tools

               -Underground utilitiy drawings ledger system

               -Document management system


Network / Server ( including Fiber-optic line, Data Center )

Networking solutions and services

  • Network / Server

  • Dark Fiber network solutions

  • Optical wiring solutions for data centers

Video Camera / Display Solutions

Networking services for monitoring cameras / multimedia displays and the content delivery

  • Security cameras / monitoring cameras

  • Shopping street / shopping mall monitoring cameras

  • Tower crane monitoring camera system

  • Digital Signage and the content delivery service

  • Content delivery service via one segment area broadcasting

I o T ( Internet of Things ) / Sensing

Sensor networking services

  • Sensor networking services

  • ICT ( Information and Communication Technology ) solutions for agriculture

  • Sensing solutions

  • Reservoir-water-level remote monitoring system

  • Environmental radiation dose monitoring system

​Our impeccable track record of delivering invaluable ICT Infrastructure solutions and services, support our customers' unique business requirements and help them gain a competitive advantage.

We respond to clients' needs with one-stop services from planning and development to construction, operation and maintenance, which are sustained by high engineering and technological capabilities.

Total Process

We meet diversified clients' needs by fully drawing on the latest technologies in a wide variety of fields such as telecommunications & civil engineering.

Deep Expertise

We customize teams to match clients' needs: finding the right people to develop the right solutions, and positioning ourselves in locations where clients plan to invest.

Nationwide Scale



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