A consistent trajectory of advancements requires a passion for excellence fueled by the partnership of Filipino skills and Japanese technology. It is fortified by the financial and technical support that KYOWA EXEO has generously extended MG EXEO, an international partnership that has survived the years. Since 1991 “MG Exeo” has been providing top-notch solutions and services for the construction of telecommunication support facilities. Over the years, we have undertaken a myriad of telecom related project such as but not limited to:

  •  Fiber optic cable installation service
  •  Soil Investigations and Detailed Site Engineering
  •  Aerial and Underground Cable installations
  •  LAN (Router, SW) design, cabling, racking and testing
  •  Radar Dome installations (Air Navigation System)
  • Construction of Manhole and conduit systems

Our parent company Kyowa Exeo has an excellent comprehension of strategy, people, process and technology to provide high-quality of ICT solutions and services in these s…

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