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A Message from Eiichi Matsuda,

MG Exeo, Chief Executive Advisor

Magandang Tanghali!

First of All, I and all MG Exeo staffs are greatly and deeply grateful to all of customers, founders and partners, employees including retired employees for what you have done. Without your cooperation, contributions, efforts and intensive work, I believe that we are not able to continue our business operation here for 25 years. We are very lucky to have contributed to the development of Philippines’s Telecomm Infrastructures for long time.


But 25 years are not always in good business circumstances. Especially, in the year 1997 and after, there was heavy economic damage caused by Asian Financial Crisis triggered by US hedge fund groups. In most Asian countries, many EXEO group companies were forced to stop business operations and to withdraw.


MG EXEO, Philippines was the only exception of them. We were only able to continue the business operation because of your efforts in unity and strong support from customers and partners.

After economic crisis, we have recovered our business revenues by challenging new customers, new type of business, for instance, installation works of mobile base stations, radar stations.


And then, in the year before last and last year, we have been succeeded to do big jumping in our business by getting general maintenance services in large areas and FTTH projects. We could increase our sales revenues and more profit. In additions to sales revenues and profit, we could set up more stable business basis and increase staffs to work together.


As you know, Philippine’s economy is in very good conditions and has more capabilities to get higher position. Our company can also join to contribute to further economic growth through our companies’ activities.


In Additions, I believe that the most important thing for company’s and country’s growth is human resources development.

As one of most important events of the 25th anniversary, we will build our new training center at Sun Valley. Such a large scale training center in Telecom construing industries has never been implemented in Philippines.


In this new training center, we will educate and train a lot of professionals who can contribute to our company’s business activities and development of telecom infrastructure in Philippines.


We promise that we will never stop our efforts as we have never stopped for 25 years. The most important thing we have to do is face our business difficulties together and trust each other and step forwards jointly to solve them.


Let’s become more professionals! Let’s work jointly! Let’s become much happier!


Thank you for your attention.

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