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Corporate Profile

MG EXEO NETWORK, INC. was founded in 1991 in the Philippines with the support of EXEO Group, Inc of Japan, who had been providing telecommunication facility construction services since 1954. EXEO Group, Inc is currently a leading global IT Solutions provider and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market.

Established:           May 15, 1991

Employees:            560 (As of August 2023)

PCAB License:       AAA (License No. 16405)

   Classification:      General Engineering

          Specialty:       General Building

                                    Electrical Works

                                    Communication Facilities

           Gov't Reg:      3877-2023

Other Licenses:    PHILGEPS Platinum                                                                                  CCN IM-0003754138 *Goods Importation

Representatives: <Chairman/President> Arturo B. Diago, Jr.
                                    <Chief Executive Advisor> Kenji Tanifuji

Paid-in capital:      PHP 75,000,000.00

Parent Company

Exeo Group, Inc.

  • Established:                         May 17, 1954

  • Representative:                   President and CEO: Tetsuya Funabashi

  • Paid-in Capital:                    ¥6,888 million

  • Listed Exchange:                 Listed on TSE Prime (Code: 1951)                                                         Trading unit: 100 shares

  • Stocks:                                   Total number of issued shares                                                             116,812,419                                                                                               Number of shareholders 25,559

  • Consolidated Net Sales:     ¥594.8 billion

  • Rating:                                   Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.                                                           (JCR) A+ (stable)

  • Number of Employees:      Consolidated total: 15,847

  • Head Office:                         3-29-20 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku,                                                                 Tokyo 150-0002, Japan                    

  • No. of Business Offices:     Branch offices: 13 Sales offices: 22

  • Consolidated Subsidiaries:107

  • Fiscal Year-End:                    March 31, 2022

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